Change iPayroll Kiosk ID

Change iPayroll Kiosk ID

How to Change a Kiosk ID

The iPayroll Kiosk gives your employee access to payslips and leave information. The email address entered on their Personal Details is used to create a user log on for your employee. This is known as the Kiosk ID. If no email address is present, a system generated ID is created.
To view the Kiosk ID, email address, activation status and the date the employee last accessed the iPayroll Kiosk go to People > Tools > Kiosk Management.
An employee can change their Kiosk ID in the iPayroll Kiosk in My Account area.
Paymasters can change the Kiosk ID, if the employee has not activated their Kiosk; by simply updating the Personal Details page with the employee's email address.
For more information here iPayroll Payslip Kiosk Quick Guide

iPayroll Kiosk has NOT been activated

Employee's can change the Kiosk ID in My Account area of the iPayroll Kiosk
  1. People > Personal Details
  2. Add an email address or edit the existing email address
  3. Save
  4. Kiosk ID will be updated to email address.
  5. People > Tools > Kiosk Management
  6. Select > Tick box next to Employee's name
  7. Send Activation Email

iPayroll Kiosk HAS been activated

  1. People > Personal Details
  2. Select > Remove Kiosk Access 
  3. Select > Grant Kiosk Access
  4. Kiosk ID is now shown as system generated numbers and letters.
  5. Select > Reset Kiosk Access
  6. Remove email address from Personal Details page
  7. Save
  8. Enter email address 
  9. Save
  10. Kiosk ID will be updated to email address.
  11. People > Tools > Kiosk Management
  12. Select > Tick box next to Employee's name
  13. Send Activation Email

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