Personal Details

Personal Details

The Personal Details page contains the information required to set up your employee or contractor in iPayroll.
Any field with an asterisk * is a required field and you will not be able to save the information without this being completed.
Enter the person's details by moving down the page and completing the fields.
Use the SAVE button to update and save information.

People > Add Person 

Basic Details

  • First Name(s)*
  • Surname *
  • ID - iPayroll will generate an employee ID number for you or create your own if you already use a system that has employee ID's.
  • Continue
  • Address details including Post Code
  • This person has not supplied their address details > Select if address is not known
  • Email address - this will become their Employee Kiosk ID also
  • Phone Number
  • Gender * > Select Male, Female or Gender Diverse
  • Date of Birth 
  • This person has not supplied their date of birth > Select if not known
  • Profile Photo - can be uploaded if you want to

Job Details

  • Job Title
  • Proprietor - No (employee) is the default or > Select N/A (Company/Contractor)
  • Start Date
  • Holiday Calendar  > Select the Regional Anniversary Holiday for this employee 
  • Group (depending on your set up) > Select the area of your company this person works in or reports to
  • Cost Centres (depending on your set up) > Select the accounting cost centre you want this person to be recorded against

Work Pattern

  • None or
  • Select > Edit (i.e part time employee that works different hours on particular days)
  • Select > 1 Week Monday to Sunday
  • Enter > hours and days to be worked or 
  • Select > Rotating Multi Week
  • Enter  > Start Date for Week 1 Pattern 
  • Enter > hours and days to be worked
  • Select > Add week to extend the work pattern over multiple weeks
  • Save

Payment Details

  • Pay Method * > Select Bank or Cheque
  • Bank Account * > Enter 00-0000-00000000-00 this format
  • Paid Up To - will be created after your employee is paid or if you want to exclude this employee for a date range

Pay Rates

  • Pay Rate * Hourly > Select > per hour or 
  • Pay Rate * Salary > Select > per annum
  • F.T Hrs/Week *  - the divisor used for calculating your employee's hourly rate if you have entered a salary and required for some leave calculations (refer to their Employment Agreement if necessary)
  • RDP or ADP - Relevant Daily Pay or Average Daily Pay (depending on your set up) RDP is the default
  • More Pay Rates > Select if you pay your employee different pay rates for other activities or roles
  • Hide Ordinary Time hours on person's payslips > Select to only show salary on payslip

Tax Details

  • Tax Code * > Select tax code as they have indicated on their IR330 Tax Declaration Form
  • IRD Number * > Enter as shown on the IR330
  • Pay Frequency * > Select how often they are paid
  • View advanced Tax Details > Select if your employer has special tax instructions or
  • Tax Code WT for a contractor
  • Enter > Special Tax %


  • Age Range will display based on the Date of Birth of employee (if not stated default is 18 to 64 and if age is unknown)
  • Casual / temporary employee > Select if you know this employee should be exempt from auto-enrolling for KiwiSaver as they will only be employed for less than 28 days
  • KiwiSaver Status * > Select status as per KS1 KiwiSaver
  • KiwiSaver Employee Rate * > Enter 3,4,6,8 or 10%
  • Employer Contribution Rate * > Enter % (legislative minimum is 3)
  • Employer Contribution Tax (ESCT) * > Select the from the annual salary range shown


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