How do I cancel or change a leave request in the Kiosk?

How do I cancel or change a leave request in the Kiosk?

Leave Request - Changing details or removing

You will be able to change or remove a request leave before it is Approved. 
For Approved leave requests,  you will need to contact your employer or leave approver to change it.
  1. Select > Leave Summary
  2. Review the Status - if Pending
  3. Select > Rubbish Bin next to the Leave Request to delete it OR
  4. Select > Leave Request and amend details
  5. Submit
  6. An email is sent to your employer or leave approver
  7. Review the Status - if Approved
  8. Contact your employer or leave approver
  9. Leave showing in the Leave History means it has been processed through a pay, you will need to contact your employer or leave approver to change it.
For more information here iPayroll Kiosk 

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